After returning from training, our hero have come to know that all the villagers have been taken hostages by the monsters of the cave. Now it is up to him to rescue them and rebuild their houses.


Press directional key(w,a,s,d) and  "L" to attack with sword.

After buying a bow, press 'K' with a direction button to release an arrow.

Rescued villagers will give you coins every 15-20 second.

For farming, you have to rescue the farmer from dungeon 1, then simply just buy seeds from the shop, and harvest them on the farming plot on lower left side of the main town.

For fishing, Rescue the fisherman, and simply click on the pond to catch the fish.

After rescuing each of the villagers, they will join your team and increase your total power and health. Moreover, Together you are stronger.

Rescue every villagers and upgrade their houses, do fishing, farming to earn coins.

Please note: This game is not finished yet. I didn't have enough time to give this game a proper ending. 

Music Used in This game:

[Dark Hollows, Mountain Walk, A Lone Wolf ] by Alexander Nakarada 

Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

Thanks For Playing This Game.

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