Backpack hero is an action-adventure game. Play as a hero who is stuck on a loop with an evil monster... 

*Please Notice: In web version, if your game stuck on the title screen, and 'z' button won't work, just right click on your game screen. It will work. Enjoy..

Main Controls:

Use Arrow keys to move..

Use Space to jump..

Arrow Key + X key to shoot (ex: Up Arrow key + X key to shoot up direction)

Press C to perform a dash (Dash is really useful in this game, it can use to kill little monsters also can be used to escape from enemy traps)

* Remember, Monsters eye is the main week point of the monster..

I hope it'll worth of your time...


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Backpack Hero.exe 58 MB


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Is it intended that i can just run straight under the monster and mash to beat it without having to dodge? You might need to add a cooldown to the attack

You might want to change your name on this one bud....They have this name and a large kickstarter already....

Hey, first of all, thank you for buying and playing this game. I have been far from game developing for a while and have plans to return on it. 

Thank you for your suggestions on name of the game. I have plans to modify and full release Backpack Hero and this game of mine: Please also check that game and provide your valuable feedback.


you know what? that was actually pretty fun, I mean yeah dodging some attacks (especially the eye circle things) was arkward, but I did enjoy the moveset of just crawling into a ball and trying to constantly balance staying alive and dealing damage. So huh yeah good job!