Help Sam dodge countless waves of enemies and cannon shells and also use cannons to kill enemy and make a Great Score!


Use w,a,s,d to move.

Use Right Mouse Button To dash and dodge bullets and enemies.

Use Left Mouse Button to select options and buy more cannons.

Hint: You will need more than one cannon to defeat The boss easily..

Thanks For Playing.


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game-windows.exe 47 MB


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Really fun! I like the idea of enemies killing enemies, and there is lots of diversity in the enemy types. I only have like two things to complain about. First: where is this santa? He seems to be in some ancient ruin, but why is there a leaf man and giant bugs? It just seems a bit random. The only other thing would be that the player might have a bit too much health. Maybe thats a personal thing, or I'm just super skilled, but it was a bit too easy. Other than that it was super fun to play and had some great mechanics!