You Have Been Selected As New Reaper.. Your Work is Simple, Read Other Peoples Bio and Decide What They Deserve, Heaven or Hell.. Don't Make any Wrong Decision or You Will Have to Suffer..


Use your mouse to drag the cards. Drag them to heaven or hell. where they belongs..


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I really enjoyed the concept of this game, and I've always enjoyed this type of concept. There were a few things that I think could have made it more fun, aside from adding more levels. I think having some background music could've been nice, and removing the time limit so we could think more about it would have been great too. Otherwise, the jokes you threw in were good, and the dilemmas that came with some of the choices were really good. I enjoyed this game!

Hey! Great video! And yes, there are A LOT of downsides in this game, I made this game a few months earlier for a game jam on two days time limit. So couldn't find enough time to fully complete and make it more polished. If I ever work on this one again, I will definitely consider your suggestions. Thank you very much for playing it and sorry for my broken english. Have a great day!